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Outside General Counsel

The Outside General Counsel Program is a bundle of legal services over a monthly or quarterly period and allows our team of attorneys to become familiar with your specific business. Our Team will be your external attorney resource handling and managing the routine and periodic legal needs of your business on a part time, as-needed basis. This service is tailored to small business owners as a measure to ensure compliance within their organization and to make sure their operations run smoothly from a legal standpoint.

After an initial consultation, we will work together to create a custom package that works for the needs of your business, but example services may include:

-Contract drafting and negotiation

-Review of customer and vendor agreements

-Advice and guidance on human resources issues and documentation

-Assistance with Board of Directors matters and corporate governance

-Peace of mind that you always have representation and consultation available to assist you in dealing with problems as they arise

How Much?

A variety of plans are available based on your custom needs.

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SkillsContracts, Agreements, Compliance, HR