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Contract Draft & Contract Negotiation Attorneys

Outside General Counsel

The Outside General Counsel Program is a bundle of legal services over a monthly or quarterly period and allows our team of attorneys to become familiar with your specific business. Our Team will be your external attorney resource handling and managing the routine and periodic legal needs of your business on a part time, as-needed basis. This service is tailored to small business owners as a measure to ensure compliance within their organization and to make sure their operations run smoothly from a legal standpoint.

After an initial consultation, we will work together to create a custom package that works for the needs of your business, but example services may include:

-Contract drafting and negotiation

-Review of customer and vendor agreements

-Advice and guidance on human resources issues and documentation

-Assistance with Board of Directors matters and corporate governance

-Peace of mind that you always have representation and consultation available to assist you in dealing with problems as they arise

How Much?

A variety of plans are available based on your custom needs and start as low as $175/mo. Typical costs range between $500 and $2,000 per month.

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SkillsContracts, Agreements, Compliance, HR

    Business Law

    The Matrix Law Group will help your company succeed with services including:
    business formation, contract drafting and review, and trademark registrations.

    Are your trading practices ready for a review? Advertising, environmental, and IP (intellectual property) laws change regularly. How do you know if you are fully compliant? Contact Matrix Law Group today for a consultation. We can help you with record-keeping, procedures, and litigation concerns.

    Has your company been contacted over non-compliance by a local, state or federal government agency? Our experience can help you present your case to the fairest advantage.

    If you are making large-scale investments and engaging in delivery contracts, let us review your legal standing in those contracts and investments. It’s crucial to get experienced legal advice from qualified and experienced business law attorneys. We are centrally located in Southern California with our office in Solana Beach. Contact us today to discuss your business law requirements and concerns.

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    SkillsTrademarks Registrations, Contracts, Compliance

      Employment Law

      Helping employers stay compliant with state and Federal employment laws. Not being in compliance can cost your business time and money if a government agency performs an audit and finds issues. Let us help answer your questions and identify problem areas. Our attorneys also have experience advising employers on how to handle employment terminations so the employer reduces the risk of litigation.

      Employment law is complicated and The Matrix Law Group will help you stay informed as a manager or business owner. Matrix Law group has an office for businesses throughout Southern California. Matrix Law Group’s main office is in Solana Beach for San Diego clients, the office is located on South Highway 101, Solana Beach.

      In your business, do you engage independent contractors? Make sure you are keeping the right records. What about meal and rest breaks for your employees? It’s essential to make sure your company is compliant and communications are maintained in case of an investigation or audit.

      Business law relates to overtime pay, exempt or non-exempt employees, time-at-work records, travel, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and California Family Rights Act (CFRA), sexual harassment. The only way you can ensure you are compliant in all of these areas is to seek professional advice from experienced attorneys.

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      SkillsAudits, Litigation, FMLA, CFRA, Compliance

        Workers Comp

        Are you an employee who has been injured at work? Representing applicants in workers compensation claims. If you have been injured in the course of employment you have a right to benefits. Our attorneys will zealously advocate for you so you can get on with your life.

        Contact Matrix Law Group as soon as possible to check your legal entitlements and obligations.

        Matrix Law Group has an office in Southern California –  Solana Beach in San Diego County.

        Are you a business owner with workers’ compensation claims pending? Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers will help you with compliance and review your case. It is imperative to keep accurate records and accounts of all incidents and accidents. Contact us as soon as possible. We can also help with work safety compliance and audits. We can offer advice based on our industry experience with workers’ compensation claims and compliance. We can help with advice on insurance policies, record-keeping, and safety audits.

        Are you injured and need to return to work? Do you have employees who have been injured and require rehabilitation back to daily work?

        Matrix Law Group can assist with return-to-work rehabilitation programs to make sure you are operating within California guidelines and regulations.

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        SkillsSafety, Audits, Compliance, Accidents, Injuries, Insurance


        “One of the best in the industry”

        I was referred to Chris by a very good friend. I gave him a call left him a message and his response was timely to say the very least. We met talked I signed the retainer and from there he hit the pavement running! He did exactly what he told me he was going to do! He was in contact with the Insurance company within a matter of a day or two. Chris really stays on top of things any questions I had he got back to me immediately with answers. He got me a settlement that was well beyond my belief. He really knows what he’s doing!

        Tracy/Review from Avvo

        “Friendly and Professional”

        I fired my first lawyer and hired Chris in my very lengthy/complicated workers comp case. He was very friendly and kept me informed about every twist/turn in my case. Chris fought hard for me and got the best settlement possible. Rather than pushing for a quick payday, he took his time and clearly explained everything whenever I had questions. Quick response time and friendly/professional service.

        Thank you, Chris.

        John/Review from Avvo