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Employment Law

Helping employers stay compliant with state and Federal employment laws. Not being in compliance can cost your business time and money if a government agency performs an audit and finds issues. Let us help answer your questions and identify problem areas. Our attorneys also have experience advising employers on how to handle employment terminations so the employer reduces the risk of litigation.

Employment law is complicated and The Matrix Law Group will help you stay informed as a manager or business owner. Matrix Law group has an office for businesses throughout Southern California. Matrix Law Group’s main office is in Solana Beach for San Diego clients, the office is located on South Highway 101, Solana Beach.

In your business, do you engage independent contractors? Make sure you are keeping the right records. What about meal and rest breaks for your employees? It’s essential to make sure your company is compliant and communications are maintained in case of an investigation or audit.

Business law relates to overtime pay, exempt or non-exempt employees, time-at-work records, travel, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and California Family Rights Act (CFRA), sexual harassment. The only way you can ensure you are compliant in all of these areas is to seek professional advice from experienced attorneys.

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